When you travel for extended periods, and you do not want to stay in claustrophobic rooms of a hotel, you opt for a short termLiving room furnished apartment.


In a hotel, when you get tired of eating take-out food and you want to make your own meal ;  in the morning, when you wake up and don’t feel like walking to the hotel lobby for breakfast in your pajamas; lastly, when you do not want to pay to each out three times a day in expensive restaurants.  you want to move to an extended stay apartment. That’s what we call a second home! Just explore the kitchen cabinets and most likely you will need only the ingredients. You will find all the equipment to treat yourself to heart’s desire !


Above all, it’s a weekend and all you want to do is unwind, there is nothing you can do about it in a hotel. Relax! A Hotel alternative will have the perfect solution for you!


When you pick up the phone and make as many local calls you want and for as long as you want without having the fear of being charged for every minute you call, that is your second home! Local calls are free in Corporate Housing.


The moment you walk into an extended stay apartment,  you can switch on your laptop and search for the available internet networks, it will not give you a message saying “Call the front desk for activation”, which in a hotel lingo, means “Have your credit card ready”.  Most of the reputable furnished suites offer high speed wireless internet free of charge.


By now you have laundry to do, you are not in the mood of driving all over the town looking for an inexpensive coin laundry, because your hotel wants you to pay through your nose. In an upscale furnished apartment in Vancouver, you will find a washing machine and a dryer. And guess what? It’s free! Just get your detergent and you’ll look spotless.


You are getting late for work and you rush to your car to find it covered with snow in winters. “What the heck? Isn’t there an underground parking?” Pronto! Get out of there ASAP and look for a furnished apartment.


And when you are vacationing and you finally get back home, your credit card bills will not give you heart burns. Generally, furnished apartments are much cheaper as compared to a conventional hotel.